VV Puram Food Street Timings in Bangalore- Entry Fee & Location

vv puram food street

A destination for foodies who like occurring an appetizing culinary adventure throughout their travels, as much as they prefer sightseeing and attraction visits, VV Puram Food Street is your closing destination while you go to the fascinating city of Bangalore in India. Nesting in bustling Sajjan Rao Circle, the vibrant street of Old Market Road is filled with more than 20 food businesses.

 Here, you may not only gorge on luxurious Indian cuisine, but you may also be savoring different Asian cuisines, including Chinese, Indo, and Malay. Plus, the food street also has a continental fare, consisting of pasta specialities. Also, for travelers who plan to explore the splendid food road at some point of the cold season, Vv Puram Food Street hosts annual Avarekai Mela, that is a competition of food that features luxurious dishes which might be crafted from avarekai – Hyacinth beans in English. Excited about your upcoming food crawl in Bangalore quickly, here’s a guide to VV Puram Food Street Timings in Bangalore- Entry Fee & Location.

VV Puram Food Street Timings Overview

It’s probable that you have heard about VV Puram whether or not you’ve been in Bangalore for a while or have simply recently moved here. VV Puram is the most effective food street in Bangalore that offers vegetarian food, and is also called Food Street, Thindi Beedi, and Chaat Street.

It is suggested that you go to it, especially in case you experience consuming. Around 5 p.m., the road comes alive with eateries, carts, kiosks, and stores. By 8 p.m., though, a giant throng, specifically on weekends, is chowing down on pretty much the wopening thing.

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What is Famous in VV Puram Food Street?

VV Puram Food Street is famous for its mouth-watering South Indian cuisine, consisting of dosas, idlis, and vadas, along with a plethora of traditional Karnataka snacks like akki roti and paddu. The road also dazzles food enthusiasts with its precise services, which include the ‘Gobi Manchurian roll’ and the sweet pleasure, ‘holige’.

VV Puram Food Street Location

Situated in the Visveswarapuram region of Bangalore, VV Puram Food Street is located in the main town. It’s a must-visit destination for those exploring the city’s cultural and culinary panorama.

VV Puram Food Street Entry Fee

There are no entry fees and the opening timing of this area is 12:30 p.m. to at least 1 a.m. all through the week.

VV Puram Food Street Timings

How to reach VV Puram Food Street

Vv Puram Street Food is positioned in the heart of the metropolis, adjacent to Sajjan Rao Circle. Because of its notable vicinity, getting there is simple. Plus, it is conveniently near other points of interest and well-visited businesses in Bangalore.

1. Take a taxi

If you want a convenient and trouble-free transfer out of your point to your destination, India is well-versed with taxis. Take a taxi and pay according to the metre.

2. Take a bus

Vv Puram Street Food is located near Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens. Because of its proximity to the historic landmark, public buses stop at the food market alongside the way to the gardens. You can visit the National College in Pampa Mahakavi Road, and there you’ll discover the metro station. The journey from there to Vv Puram Street Food will only take 1km (0.6mi).

Top eateries in this food street

Here are various eateries you can try in Vv Puram Food Street

1. Shri Vasavi Chatnis

Shri Vasavi Chatnis

Vasavi Chatnis has an extended-status legacy for being credited as one of the first stores to open up on the food street. The area is simple to spot and easy in case you are getting into the food street from Sajjan Rao centre.

Their menu has the entirety from Ragi Dosa to Noodles, Akki Roti and so on with the most famous one being Jalebis. Yes, that’s proper. There is a separate fan base for the scrumptious Jalebis which can be served right here and it’s high time that you provide it a try.

2. Arya Vysya Refreshment

Arya Vysya Refreshment

Soon after touring Sri Vasavi Chatnis, you are going to find a 2nd shop on your left called Arya Vysya Refreshment. As an establishment that is over 75 years old, you will want to attempt all that they have got to offer.

Their warm jalebis may be addictive, their idlis smooth however their Curd Kodu Bele goes to take you on a ride to heaven. Made from rice flour and blended with curd, these are the normal Kodu beles with a bit of twist. So come strive for these deep-fried rings. 

3. The Chaat Shop

The Chaat Shop

A Punjabi Chaat shop for folks who consider road food incomplete without Pani Puri, Aloo Tikki and Papdi Chaat.

4. Shri Vasavi Mane Tindi

Shri Vasavi Mane Tindi

In the previous years, Sri Vasavi Mane Tindi has taken center level at VV Puram food street. From a small extension of the Sri Vasavi Chatnis, it is nowadays a massive eatery, spanning 1/3rd of the road and serving a huge form of dishes, proper from the special south-Indian fare consisting of akki rotis, paddus and ragi rotis to the typical tiffin objects along with dosas, idlis, lemon rice and shavige bath to even north-Indian and Chinese food. (It also has Mumbai pav bhaji, but we endorse Dev Sagar throughout the street for that).

5. Idli Mane

Idli Mane

This is another Idli Mane outlet, proper throughout the street to Idli Mane (Purple Board) and has the ordinary south-Indian fare. But what we endorse right here is the holige — flour parathas stuffed with a candy filling fabricated from either dal or coconut, served warm.

6. Shivanna Gulkun Center

Shivanna Gulkun Center

Right at the stop of this food street is a small provision keep-like shop recognized for an innovation called Gulkan ice-cream, which falls in should-have listing in this street. Gulkan is a sweet crafted from dried rose petals. The Gulkan ice-cream has a generous serving of gulkan, topped with dried fruits consisting of raisins and figs, a freshly reduced banana, a massive dollop of benne (butter) and a scoop of ice-cream. Totally have-to-attempt, that is an area of expertise this is available in only a few locations in Bangalore.

Interesting records about VV Puram Food Street

  • Food Street, also called Thindi Bidi and Chaat Street.
  • VV Puram is the only food road in Bangalore that serves everything vegetarian.
  • This road is also famous for web hosting the ‘Avrekal Mela’ for the time of winter.
  • There are around 15 special eateries serving different styles of food.

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VV Puram Food Street in Bangalore isn’t just an area to fulfill your cravings; it’s an immersive experience that celebrates the wealthy tapestry of the Indian street food subculture. From conventional South Indian flavors to worldwide inspirations, each dish tells a story and invites you to emerge as a part of the colorful culinary narrative. So, collect your urge for food, embody the chaos, and embark on a gastronomic adventure like no different at VV Puram Food Street.

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