Apple Watch owners can use WatchGPT responses for texts, email, and social media from their wrists—All at your Fingertips!

Apple Watch Users can now imagine generative AI( Chat GPT) on their hands– the popular AI-backed chatbot from Open AI via a dedicated app. Now users can interact with the popular APPLE Smartwatches and let users interact with the Chatbot watching directly from the screen.

Watch GPT developer is excited to take to X and announced that the app is now available on the AppStore in India. Users can access Watch GPT on the App Store priced at $3.99 ( roughly INR 328), and also it allows users to share Watch GPT responses via texts, email, and social media from the Apple Watch according to the description on the App Store. The Watch GPT users can now access ChatGPT anytime, anywhere by tapping on their wrist. Rajkotupdates.News/Watchgpt-App-Apple-Watch-Users

What do you Need?

A device running iOS 13.0 or later with a download size of 2.6 MB.

WatchGPT Features :

  • Interact with ChatGPT from the Apple Watch
  • Eliminates the Need for Questions and Generate Longer Messages Without Typing
  • Interaction with Others via text, email, or Social media
  • Set the App Compilation for Easy Access
  • Eliminates The Need for Data
  • Availability in Various Languages English, French, Dutch, and Spanish

Are you looking ahead then Watch GPT developer gives you planning to update the app with all these features:

  •  Complication Enables Direct Enablement
  •  Use Your API Key
  •  History
  •  Option to have vocal input by default
  •  Option to get a response to read out by the app

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What are your opinions? Does Chat GPT on your wrist give you a valuable option? How was your experience with CHATGPT or similar? Also, share your views and mention comments.

An encouraging news for all users as they share Watch GPT responses via texts, email, and social media directly from their Apple Watch. The app’s description on the App Store gives them the usage of seamless integration with Apple Watch. 

However, it makes them run iOS 13.0, or later with a download size 2.6 MB

As per the reports by 9 to 5 Mac, All Apple Watch users can’t only receive quick answers but also generate messages without eliminating the need for typing. Users can now download from the Apple Store in languages like English, Spanish, Dutch & French.

Also, this app gives user-friendly support like a voice-enabled feature(allowing responses to be read out loud by the app itself). The developer of Watch GPT has also uttered explanations about the new updates on the app including the usage of API keys access history.

Reportedly, last month Apple hit a milestone by bringing a blood glucose monitor technology in the future Apple Watch Models. This works based on the optimal absorption spectroscopy with a dedicated chip technology called silicon photonics – to throw light at predefined wavelengths.

 To check the blood sugar levels in diabetic patients- the latest technology diminishes the need for puncturing the skin using a needle —to detect the blood glucose levels of the sugar.

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