Nearest Metro Station to Budhpur Bus Stand, Delhi


Whenever we are stuck in one place or any type of trouble situation, we always look for the solution, and notably many times our plans work or sometimes don’t. In today’s world people are finding the best and easiest transport or vehicle to reach their destinations and due to the arrival of the metro, this struggle is also seen going far away from people’s lives, especially for the people who come to Budhpur or Budhpur bus stand because now they can easily reach out to the nearest metro called Samaypur Badli metro station which is not so far away from the Budhpur bus stand. 

About Budhpur Bus Stand 

Budhpur Bus Stand is known as a major transport terminal located in North Delhi, India. Arranged within the Budhpur territory close to GT Karnal Street, it serves as a pivotal transportation center interfacing different parts of Delhi with neighboring regions in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. 

The bus stand caters to a wide range of commuters, including day-by-day travelers, visitors, and long-distance travelers. It offers a broad organization of transport administrations worked by the Delhi Transport Enterprise (DTC) and other private transport administrators, encouraging transportation to goals over Delhi-NCR and the past. 

Budhpur Transport Stand gives administrations to goals such as Sonipat, Panipat, Karnal, Meerut, and other adjacent towns and cities. It works with both neighborhood and intercollegiate transport administrations, advertising commuters helpful and reasonable travel alternatives. The bus stand is prepared with essential civilities such as seating zones, ticket counters, data sheets, and restroom offices to guarantee the consolation and comfort of travelers. Moreover, it is encompassed by shops, eateries, and other foundations, catering to the requirements of travelers during their travel. 

Nearest metro to Budhpur Bus Stand 

The nearest metro station to Budhpur bus  Stand is the Samaypur Badli Metro Station, found on the Yellow Line of the Delhi Metro. Samaypur Badli  Metro Station serves as a significant transportation center in North Delhi, giving helpful get to commuters traveling to and from Budhpur Transport Stand. From Samaypur Badli Metro Station, Budhpur Transport Stand can be come using nearby transportation choices such as auto-rickshaws, cycle rickshaws, or taxis. The separation between Samaypur Badli Metro Station and Budhpur bus stand is roughly not too far and the travel ordinarily takes around within minutes by street which also depends on activity conditions. The Yellow Line of the Delhi Metro interfaces Samaypur Badli metro station to different imperative goals over the city, including commercial centers, instructive teaching, and private regions. It offers a dependable and nearest metro station to Budhpur bus stand for visitors and tourists to easily travel from one place to another in just a few minutes.  

Here are the 3 nearest metro stations to the Budhpur bus stand 

Distance : 

Distance always matters a lot especially when we are traveling to any place from any transport because distance clears our mind of how much time we have to spend in traveling and if we talk about the metro, we all know how a metro can be time-saving transport to reach our destination. From Budhpur bus stand to Samaypur Badli metro station is not so far away and it only takes a distance of 3 kilometers to reach the metro station. 

Travel Time : 

Time management is not the same for everyone and that’s why managing time can be difficult for some time but traveling to the Budhpur bus stand nearest metro Samaypur Badli metro station can save you time easily and you can reach the metro station within minutes. If you are traveling by auto and rickshaw then it will only take 10 to 15 minutes to reach the metro station but if you’re walking simply to the metro station then it will take up to 30 to 35 minutes to reach the metro station.  

Route Map : 

Samaypur Badli metro station has the simplest route map to outline and travel from one place to another. It offers a coordinated and available way for understudies, the workforce, and guests to commute from the Budhpur bus stand to the metro station. This metro station is numbered with the foremost straightforward course outline and exceptionally simple to get to the distinctive metro route and the places. Need to know more about the Samaypur Badli metro station route map at point tap on the link underneath. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’s) 

Q –   Which is the nearest metro station to  Budhpur bus stand? 

A –   The nearest metro station to Budhpur bus stand is Samaypur Badli  metro station 

 Q –  What is the distance from the Budhpur bus stand to the Samaypur Badli metro station?  

A –  The distance from the  Budhpur bus stand to the Samaypur Badli metro station is 3.0 kilometers. 

Q –  Where is Budhpur in Delhi? 

A –  Budhpur is a locality located in North Delhi, India. It is situated near the GT Karnal Road, which is a major arterial road connecting North Delhi with neighboring regions.

Q –  What is the travel time from the Budhpur bus stand to the Samaypur Badli metro station? 

A –  The travel time from Budhpur bus stand to the Samaypur Badli metro station takes only 10 to 15 minutes by auto or rickshaw and if you are walking down the streets then it will take you only 30 to 35 minutes.  

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