Rajkotupdates.News : America Granted Work Permits for Indian Spouses of H-1B Visa Holders

Rajkotupdates.News : America Granted Work Permits for Indian Spouses of H-1B Visa Holders

The long-awaited time for H-1B visa seekers finally came to an end as the bipartisan US agreement has ruled the spouses of H-1 B visa holders can now work in the United States.

H-1B visa holders can now take a sigh of relief, a White House-backed bipartisan deal unveils the automatic work authorization and be granted to more than 100,000 H-4 visa holders, spouses, and children in the specific category of H-1B visa holders.

The National Security Agreement on Sunday announced the verdict after an in-house discussion between —the Republican and Democratic leadership in the US Senate provided a solution to about 250,000 aged-out children of H-1B visa holders.

This move brings real benefits for professionals and tens of thousands of tech professionals who burn their midnight oil to be granted Green Visa, which means their spouses aren’t to work with aged-out children and facing deportation threats. 

Why H-1B Visa required?

An H-1B visa is a non-immigrant work visa that allows US employers to hire foreign workers with specialization skills and work in the United States for a limited duration. Typically this requires a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in required fields like finance, engineering, architecture, or more.

The H1B visa program allows skilled foreign workers to visit the United States and work for US firms

According to US President Joe Biden, this shall make the country safer and give more time to fix it. He looked assertive in making the borders more secure and treating people fairly and humanly while preserving legality and adherence to the national laws.

In fresh circumstances, noncitizens living in the United States lawfully work as dependent children of employment-based non-immigrants for at least 8 years before turning 21 and are eligible to remain temporarily in the United States with work authorizations.

Further stating the bill clears that certain non-citizens should travel to the United States on a temporary visitor(B) and visit their family members.

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What is A Green Card?

In the United States, A Green Card is a Permanent Resident Card granted to a bearer who can reside in the US permanently. However, because of massive application and limited issuance, available to foreign nationals from certain countries. The number of Green Cards to be issued to citizens of particular nations is limited by per-country quotas.

Expanded Work Authorization and Support for Asylum Seekers in the US

This will give you more than 18,000 employment-based green cards per year for the next 5 years with country caps. Also, the United States will be issuing 1,58,000 employment-based green cards. The proposed bill provides work authorization to approximately 25,000 K-1, k-2, and K-3 nonimmigrant visa holders (finance of spouse and children of US citizens) per year, and about 1000,000 H-4 spouses and children of certain H-1 B, as per the fact sheet released by White House on Sunday night.

What is the Bipartisan National Security Agreement?

According to the White House, the bill ensures that someone who is here and quality to get work faster. Giving authorization to asylum seekers after receiving a positive protection screening determination. It begins to support families in the United States before the 180-day statutorily waiting period, begins after the individual submits the asylum application, it said.

Technology companies in India & China depend on it to hire hundreds of thousands of employees each year from countries. The demand for H-1B visas is realized in notable fields such as technology, finance, engineering, architecture, and more. This shall expedite work permits for those who are here and can work more quickly. It will create more job opportunities and make them immigrate with their families– as stated by Joe Biden. Further, this will boost the growth of the respective industry in the US.

This bill will reduce strain on the cities and states supporting asylum seekers during the existing waiting period, the White House said. After many years, it raises the cap on immigrant visas annually by adding 2,50,000 immigrant visas over five years(50,000/year).

Out of this, 160,000 will be family-based, and the rest will be employment-based, it said. This additional immigrant visa gives a lawful pathway to the United States, prioritizes family reunification, and reduces families spending apart and access to US businesses to additional workers.

According to the White House Reports, it provides a lawful status to children living in the US since they are aged out and seeking lawful status in the United States with their families, as per White House said.

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